Be Serpentine The Hyde

Be Serpentine The Hyde: this is the first chapbook, Edited by CJ Duffy and features the art of cocaine jesus – doriandra smith – murmurists – jase daniels – stickleback2 – junior – lazare – Kek-W – ruela – matina.L.stamatakis – robert chrysler – aaron held. Be Serpentine The Hyde is the first in a series of chapbooks. Each will be edited by a different member of the discharge team. The second chapbook will be edited and devised by Doriandra Smith.

Discharge Chapbook II

This is the second Chapbook, Edited by Doriandra. It has no name, only the contents which shriek loudly enough.

Contributors, unwilling or not, include - Cocaine Jesus - Doriandra - Ruela Pinho - Lazare - Murmurists - DB Rood - DB - Jase - Robert Chrysler - Inconsequential - CHM - Undress Beton - I Am Not Kek-w - Tic Tac - Dodo Spiessert - Junior - Elliot Wisdom - Carmen Racovitza - Cachorro Rabugento Morto Em Noite Chuvosa - Aaron Held

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