As if From a Distant Star

a discharge chapbook with words by Robert Chrysler, Kek-W, cocaine jesus, David Setchell and images by Jase Daniels.


a non linear, cut and paste, auto-erotic short story by C.J. Duffy, front and back cover images by Doriandra Smith.


a dark fable by Ruela with words by C.J. Duffy.

The ‘I’ hides the pink Upright sparkling

images & words* By Aaron Held Cover Art by Patrizia Reni (TICTAC) *words consist of cut-up words from RANDOM HOUSE spell checker, essays from Carl Jung, and various screenplays.

krome alchemy

stickleback &cocaine jesus.

The Train

a short story by C.J. Duffywith illustrations by Patrizia Reni.

The Madness of Humble House

a short story by C.J. Duffy with images by David Vigor
Dedicated to Doriandra Smith – Forever The Crow Queen


a short story by C.J.Duffy with images by Junior.


by C.J. Duffy.

The Wilful Walks of C.J. Duffy

all words by C.J. Duffy (The Wilful Walks of C.J. Duffy is a continuing series).